Mary Jo and Charlie Leet



1. Working Girl Blues (3:05)     

            (H. Dickens/Happy Valley Music)

2. We're Watching Our Step (2:45)

            (M. & E. Montgomery/Glad Music)        

3. Fishin' Blues (2:33)

            (T. Mahal/EMI Blackwood Music Inc.)

4. Upper Window (2:41)


5. You've Been a Friend To Me (2:56)

            (A. P. Carter/APRS)

6.  I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome (3:30)

            (J. B. Smith/Peer Int'l.)

7. Beautiful Brown Eyes (2:24)

            (J. Capehart/Unichappell Music Inc.)

8. I Like Mountain Music (2:55)

            (P. E. Johnson/Tompaul Music)

9. Keep Me From Blowin' Away (3:12)

            P. Craft/Universal)

10. Tell Lorrie I Love Her (3:45)

            (J. K. Whitley/Sony ATV Tree Pub.)

11. Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy (2:04)

            (J.Stapp, H. Stone/Sony ATV Acuff Rose Music)

12. This World Is Not My Home (2:40)

            (A. Brumley/Bridge Building Music Inc.)

13. House Divided (2:40)

            (L. M. Thorpe/Thorpe Music)

14. Bungee Jumpin' Bulls (2:59)

            (C. Leet, J. Hogrebe)