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The Pickin' Ranch


"The Pickin' Ranch"
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The Travelers are equally at home with Saturday Night as well as Sunday Morning music and a 2010 CD and DVD project “The Pickin’ Ranch” is full of well-loved American tunes from the public domain.

Bluegrass Unlimited” magazine said True Life Travelers:  have “…one foot planted in bluegrass and the other in fun!”  

Mary Jo and Charlie Leet join forces and voices with Linda and Chris Tatarian to perform as the ‘True Life Travelers’ (TLT).   TLT dips into bluegrass, gospel and traditional American music with powerful vocal harmonies and an entertaining style.

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"Life Goes On . . .  "

Loft Studios

In 2006, “Bluegrass Unlimited” magazine said the True Life Travelers have, “…one foot planted in bluegrass and the other in fun!”


TRUE LIFE TRAVELERS present their traditional American Acoustic Music and the sounds of gospel harmonies highlighted together in a brand new indie CD release, “Life Goes On”, (Go-Go Media, TLT02). The CD features the title song from a Saskatchewan songwriter, Jack Humeny, along with other well-loved and some long-lost gospel gems.   


TLT dips into bluegrass, gospel and traditional American music with powerful vocal harmonies and an entertaining style including “Saturday Night” as well as “Sunday Morning” music in their performances!

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"It's Called Nuance . . . "

Go-Go Records/ Media CU-2

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I Aint Got Nobody (3:51)
Backwater Blues (4:26)
Master's Garden (2:10)
South Of The Border (3:23)
NUANCE . . . is: Mary Jo and Charlie Leet, Memphis Bec Gentry and Mike (FOG) O'Bryan.  In today's climate of blistering solos and hot jazz licks, NUANCE . . . brings a refreshing return to "melody" with their brand of American Acoustic Music!  Drawing from a mix of blues, bluegrass, gospel and old-time country music, with a polka thrown in for good measure, you'll find this CD to be an enjoyable re-discovery of American roots music.  The excitement of a "live" performance is preserved in this ensemble recording featuring powerful vocal solos, duets, and trio harmonies.  With their natural ability to connect with the audience and obvious joy in making music together, NUANCE . . . & OLD UNCLES will leave you with a fine-tuned experience.

All music is a cooperative effort!  We give great thanks to our friends who shared their music and talents on this debut NUANCE . . . project!  They include: Chris and Linda Tatarian (harp, banjo, and vocals), Ellen Bye (vocals) and Carl Phillis (fiddle).

Join our email list and we'll keep you up on NUANCE . . . news!  Send your email address to Mike at: inmob@aol.com.  For Bookings and CD sales contact Mary Jo at: www.geobuilt.com. 

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DUET   blues + ‘grass

Mary Jo and Charlie Leet

Go-Go Records/ Media  B-OK 02

du-et (doo-et’) n. 1. a piece of music to be sung or played by two people. 2. two singers or players performing together.

Can we apply this to life? Charlie and I have spent the last twenty years performing the duet of life... at home, in the garden, in civic service to our community and, certainly, playing music together!

In this album of blues and bluegrass music, we want to share with you some of the songs, as well as some of the performers, that we've had the good fortune to know through these years.

The “duet of life” provides an unlimited source of opportunities to practice performing together: whether it is washing the dishes, planting seeds, garnering consensus or, of course, picking and singing together! We hope that you’ll hear something that you like in our music project!!  

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Mary Jo Leet

Go-Go Records/ Media A-OK 01

I love Bluegrass Music!!.....and I’ll bet you do too! I am first, foremost and always a Bluegrass Music fan. This music creates a wonderful circle of shared melodies, powerful lyrics, good friends and pleasant memories.

We are happy to share these songs with you….and so it goes on from me to you and on to your friends and on to….!!

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True Life Travelers



See The Review In Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine,

Dec. 5, 2005




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